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Coal Ash Asia 2017

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

21-24 July 2017 - Beijing, Hebei - China -

Hosted in the hometown of both AsianCAA and of our co-organizers at the Institute of Technical Information for the Building Materials Industry's head offices. This year we received immense support from the Baotou government, who was keen to promote global involvement for waste management and rare earth minerals. Adding to the discussion at this year's event were approximately 40 international delegates from countries including: USA, India,  Australia, Thailand, Japan, Poland, South Africa, Canada and Indonesia. An estimated 600 delegates in total discussed a variety of topics including

  1. Metal extraction Aluminium Extraction, Other metal extractions

  2. FGD Gypsum Utilization Gypsum drying and Calcination, Construction Applications: gypsum block, board, mortar, Agricultural applications, High Strength Gypsum, etc

  3. Coal Ash Processing and Utilization Grinding, Classifying and Superfine grinding, Cement, Concrete, Wall Materials and Geopolymer, High Value Utilizations: Ceramics, Cenospheres, Fillers, sulphoaluminate cement CalciumSulphoAluminate

  4. Coal Gangue and Coal Chemical Residue Processing and Utilization

During Coal Ash Asia, our friends at Slag and Tailings Association of Asia were hosting their concurrent event Slag and Tailings Asia at the same venue. For more information on their proceedings, please visit:

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