Members of AsianCAA share the common mission of beneficial management, utilisation and distribution of coal combustion products.

Membership applications can be made by industry participants in Asia, and across the globe. Members come from the entire value chain of coal combustion products.

Members of AsianCAA work towards increasing community, business and government awareness about the benefits of CCP's for sustainable construction and other value added applications. The goal is to promote and maximize beneficial use of CCPs to build sustainable cities, conserve land and natural resources, mitigate climate change and support the circular economy in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.





(power plants, steel plants, etc.)


(cement, concrete, agriculture, other consumers)

Technology and Equipment Providers

Logistics Players

(Sea, Road, Rail, Air)

Value Added Product Manufacturers

(processors, bricks, blocks, aggregates, mortars, grouts, geopolymer, etc.)

Traders, Importers and Exporters

Service Providers

(across the value chain)

Specifiers/ Consultants/ Experts


(universities, institutions, etc.)

Government and Policy Makers

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